Phonics: wr, ph, gh, dge, ey, ei, ie

Congratulations on getting this far! Only one more posting after this and you will have a greater grasp on the sounds (and maybe spelling) of the english language.

WR has one sound

  • “r” as in: write, wrist, wrinkle (this sound only comes at the beginning of words)

PH has one sound

  • “f” as in: phone, elephant, telegraph (since “f” does not say its name, this is the phonogram that you would use instead)

GH has one sound (and is used, by itself, in only nine words)

  • “g” as in: spaghetti, ghost, ghetto (this phonogram sound will never occur in the middle of a syllable or at the end of a word)

DGE has two sounds

  • “j” as in: fudge, midget, knowledge (use this phonogram at the end of a root word, right after a short vowel)
  • Dropped “e” Exceptions as in: abridgment, acknowledgment, fledgling, judgment (no e after the g. Mainly used in very long words)

EY has three sounds

  • “e” as in: monkey, honey, key (only used as a suffix phonogram)
  • “a” as in: they, obey, survey (only used at the end of the root word)
  • Long “i” as in: eye, geyser (these words only) 

EI has five sounds (use this spelling after the letter “c”)

  • “e” as in: receive, either, weird
  • “a” as in: veil, regin, beige (used only inside a root word)
  • Harsh “i” as in: forfeit, foreign
  • Short “e” as in: heifer (only this word)
  • Long “i” as in: Geiger, feisty, stein, seismograph, poltergeist, kaleidoscope (only these words) 

IE has five sounds

  • “e” as in: believe, field, brownie (use this instead of EI within a root word)
  • “i” as in: pie, tie, die (only used at the end of root words)
  • Short “e” as in: friend (only this word)
  • Short “i” as in: sieve (only this word) 
  • Long “a” as in: lingerie (only this word) 

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