Reading-Why the root of learning?

Why call reading the root of all learning? Simple, if you can read you can teach yourself anything.
Doubt me?
Then why are there millions of DIY books?
Thus sums up the simple argument for calling reading the root of learning. But, what about reading’s offspring, writing?
  • cu@8.
  • Like, totally! That was, like, the best thing ever!
  • I saw that ice cream and I thought my friend would like it but Im not so sure now.

Does anyone see the problem here?

Chances are, you have encountered examples of poor english throughout your time on the internet. But whenceforth doth it come?

The best indicator of lousy readers is their poor writing skills and very limited vocabulary. To wit: if one does not read, they might think it acceptable to write exactly how they talk (common vernacular, abbreviations, misuse of words, etc). However, have you ever heard a self-made person, of any upper class standing, insist on using such poor language skills?

The mark of a well-educated mind is good language and social skills, so how can you develop a well-educated mind? Simple, read a lot. By reading widely (fiction and other) you will get a very good sense as to what are proper language and social skills.

Here are a few hallmarks of proper language skills that I have found:

  1. Every word has a (single) meaning, and every meaning has a (single) word.
  2. Variety of words. Both in kind and in length.
  3. Variety of sentences. Both in tense and in length.
  4. No txt spk, pls! (No text speak please).
  5. Appropriate punctuation (the hardest, by far, skill to learn).

Over time I shall add to the list, but for now this should hold those awaiting new words of wisdom. 😉

However, these pedantic rules make no sense devoid of good reading skills (i.e. phonics) and good writing skills (i.e. progymnasmata). To this end, I have written a series on phonics and shall be writing a series on the progymnasmata.

As a side note, I wanted to thank Trudy H. Palmer for her wonderful series on phonics. It is from her series that I derive the entire phonics list of spelling and pronunciations.


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